When I first came up with the Wild Mediterranean concept, I described this revolutionary approach to health as “age-old, science-new.” Returning to the rituals of simpler times armed with the knowledge of now is a potent combination for our wellness of body, mind, and spirit. I’ve always known that immersing myself in the way of life practiced by my Greek relatives made me feel more vibrant and strong. I could see it in the mirror too—the way spending just a month in their village would yield supple, sun-kissed skin; shiny, lustrous hair; and a lean, bloat- less physique. It made sense: I was eating whole foods prepared at the peak of their seasonality (while not denying myself any essential macronutrients—hooray for healthy fats!), moving my body regularly and organically, connecting with nature on a daily basis, and participating in traditions that connected me with a sense of shared heritage. I was truly happy, inside and out. So it came as no surprise that the newest frontiers of science validated the results that I’d observed empirically.


Mediterranean Tradition

Stella has curated a lifestyle manual filled with a common sense and approachable way of living through ancient Mediterranean traditions.


Land and Sea

Weaving her personal stories with traditional Mediterranean living inspired by the land and sea, Stella also introduces us to good food and great style with her unique effortless approach.



Love Live Wild is filled with inspirations for eating better, and living life to its fullest.


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