Skin Detox Foods and DIY Beauty Recipes

How To Detox Your Skin – The 7 Day Beauty Plan To Boost Your Skin From Within

Let’s define what we’re talking about: detox is a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances.

In article one in the skin detox series, The Next Microbiome Frontier is Your Skin, I discussed the intrinsic relationship between the microbiome of both the gut and skin. Terms like “undisrupted skin” has been used in research journals when discussing the skin microbiome. In reference to our skin’s microbiome, this could be defined as the type of products you use on your skin and the impact it could have on your overall health.

So in a sense, this skin detox is similar to the type of detox plans that help the body cleanse from within. Whenever you’re detoxing, make sure you look hard at the products you use during this time to see if they’re compatible with the detox. Try a few DIY recipes I’ll be suggesting to boost the health of your skin.

First, I’m going to discuss the benefits of including the following food groups below for skin health. You’ll also find a 7-Day Skin Detox Plan.

Plant fiber, prebiotics, and fermented foods for healthy skin

I truly believe you can eat your way to beautiful, healthy skin. On a daily basis, you’ll want to fill your plate with plant-rich foods, consuming at least 50 grams of plant fiber daily. I also recommend nutraceuticals as a support system to a  diet that already includes the major nutrient value from food.


Beginning the day with my Gut-Strengthening Juice recipe is a good way to boost the gut in morning hours when digestion is at its highest function (you can signup here to receive the 5 Daily Wild Mediterranean Rituals, juice recipe included). I choose green coffee bean extract in this recipe to replace my morning cup of java because there is more bang for your buck when coffee beans are not roasted: you’ll get the caffeine-pleasing effects while also receiving the beneficial phytonutrients that studies have shown in the coffee berry. Sadly, once you roast this delicate berry, much of the phytonutrients also diminishes.

6:1 Ratio

Use the 6:1 ratio I talk about in the Wild Mediterranean food therapy plan and more recently, the Digestive Health Summit with Dr. Michael Murray. For optimal gut health and ultimately skin health as well, eat at least 6 servings of plants and vegetables to one of protein (preferably organic); use your palm to gauge serving sizes. A diverse landscape of plant fibers is key to building a healthy microbiome. And as I said before, a healthy gut means healthy skin.

Eat Fermented

We all know about the importance of probiotics. But I was delighted to hear this from one of my scientific research idols, Dr. Russell Jaffe during the Digestive Health Summit with Dr. Michael Murray to which we all recently contributed: “Once food is pasteurized it’s dead.” Since I have a background in food science and Dr. Jaffee’s is in clinical and chemical pathology, we probably view probiotics in pasteurized products the same way: not many of the live organisms within them actually are viable. So the takeaway is to get your pro bacteria in a food product like naturally fermented vegetables or quality miso and from natural organic (preferably raw) cheeses. If you take a supplement it always should be in addition to these foods. I also advise combining dairy-based probiotic supplements with built-in homeostatic soil organisms (pro-bacteria propagated from soil) for best results. Look for that information on the label of the supplement.

Gut Circulation

Food is essential to healthy skin, and gut circulation is equally important. I believe the circulatory processes within the gut help provide us with ways to digest and absorb nutrients from foods far more beneficially than those who are mostly sedentary (if you’re walking less than 8,000 steps throughout the day). Our digestive system takes in nutrients, breaks them down, and delivers them to our organs, then takes away organ waste and disposes of it. This process is so critical that one-fourth of your body’s cardiac output is dedicated to your GI tract’s circulation. I predict that this particular area of research in the circulatory benefits of our gut will provide us with great new information on skin health as well.

7 Day Skin Detox Plan with Food and Nutraceuticals

For 7 days, use the following recipes from morning, afternoon, and evening.

MORNING Morning Gut-Strengthening Juice with Green Coffee Bean & Adaptogens.  Sign up here for the free recipe, included with the 5 Wild Mediterranean Rituals ebook.

AFTERNOON Supple Skin Tonic
Healthy lipids + Plant Fiber


1/2 cup water
1 teaspoon coconut oil
1 teaspoon cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil
1 cup spinach leaves, washed
1 kiwi, chopped
1 tablespoon raw oatmeal
1 serving adaptogens like Anima Mundi’s Adaptogens 


Add ingredients together and blend on high until all ingredients all smooth. Drink the tonic on an empty stomach before meal.

EVENING Wild Mediterranean Sea Bath
Grey Salt + Seaweed


2 cups unwashed grey sea salt
1 cup seaweed kelp
Muslin cloth


Wrap seaweed in a muslin cloth and set aside.
Prepare a bath with very warm water. Add sea salt and seaweed and soak for 15 minutes. Do not use soap after the bath to wash your body.

BEFORE BED Topical oils are the perfect example of skin nutrition.

The Birch Arnica Energizing Body Oil from Dr. Hauschka is one of my favorite topical body oils because of the ingredients birch leaves, arnica, burdock root, and stinging nettle, combined with sunflower oil.

*Warning: Take extra care when applying oil on your body before bedtime because oil can stain your bed sheets!