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Can Your DNA Determine the Best Diet for You?

Skeptics, however, say a DNA test might reveal gene variants, but they’re not a source of reliable nutritional advice.

“When companies use the nutrigenomics model for ‘food sensitivities,’ that’s when I get a bit hesitant to accept all the science based on individual screenings,” Stella Metsovas, a clinical nutritionist and author of “Wild Mediterranean,” told Healthline. “It’s still too complex of a science to apply overall, especially when lifestyle factors are concerned.”

Metsovas doesn’t believe the average person should be forking out the dough for these tests just yet, however.

“DNA companies refer to these tests as ‘personalized dietary advice,’ which stems from the theory that human needs vary considerably from diet to diet,” she said. “For example, ketosis might work wonders on Jane, helping regulate insulin levels and thereby [helping her with] losing weight, while maintaining lean muscle tissue. Susie might respond unfavorably due to various health factors such as hypothyroidism, an indication that there might be other issues in the body, including the microbiome.”

“The tricky part of the model is that your lifestyle plays a huge role on how your genes are expressed,” she added.

For her part, Metsovas says a microbiome analysis is the way to go before you pick up a DNA kit.

However, this type of testing faces a great deal of skepticism by many in the medical community, too.

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