Food Trends that will Dominate

Gaining health through food will be a top priority for consumers in 2018. This will push for a new style of eating that delves into the entire food system, from raising animals ethically, to sustainability in our food supply.

Plant-based continues to grow.

In addition to its rise in 2017, plant-based foods are one to watch in 2018 as well, including proteins from plants that will be added to yogurts and milk.  “It’s about time” were my thoughts while stumbling across Peter Jin’s Kickstarter campaign; add some pea protein to your homemade almond milk and you’re all set.

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Sea Nutrition

‘Nutrition from the sea’ is a health concept dating back thousands of years. If you’ve read my book, Wild Mediterranean, The Age-Old, Science-New Plan For a Healthy Gut, With Food You Can Trust, you’re probably aware that both diet and lifestyle should incorporate sea nutrition—especially for the sake of your gut microbiome.  My Instagram video here talks about the benefits of thalassotherapy.

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Superstar Mushrooms

Functional mushrooms are everywhere in 2018, and their immune-enhancing and prebiotic value are for good reason.

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‘Healthy coffee’ is a top search in Google trends.

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Amazon buys Whole Foods.

The acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon will enhance the meal-kit delivery marketplace. Online grocery shopping and meal-kits will continue to grow steadily throughout 2021.

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Instagram loves bursts of color.

Bright pops of color–thanks to Instagram’s 800 million daily users–will continue to dominate in 2018. Food bloggers and media outlets enhance their content through various ways in 2018, including pops of color in food photographs and Instagram Stories using edible flowers.

The year of the detox bath.

I said it here: the next microbiome frontier is your skin. Ingredients like sea salt, bentonite clay, and seaweed have been known to help stimulate the circulatory system and overall could be a benefit to health. Wild Mediterranean Sea Bath coming in February 2018. 

The food bowl is here to stay.

Food bowls aren’t going anywhere. Bloggers love to display these bowls on their Instagram feeds because of the vibrant colors that inevitably draw attention for their health benefits; hello avocado and flowers!

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Alternative Flours

Read this article for more on alternative flours from Bon Appetit: Meet the Next Superfood Flour Coming Straight from a Science Lab.

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Nose-to-Tail Philosophy

Nose-to-tail is a philosophy of eating and cooking that involves using every possible part of an animal, and that will align with the sustainability theme for 2018: minimal wasting. Try this mobile app to learn more:

Interest in all things regional.

Consumers are exploring ethnic cuisines at the regional level. The National Restaurant Association finds that diners more knowledgeable, sophisticated than they were 20 years ago.