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I have a friend who’s one of those power woman types who naturally glow, even after a 10-hour workday. She was visiting San Diego when I found myself admiring a black paste-like substance in a tin jar. "What is this?" I was almost afraid to ask. "It's shilajit [shi-la-ji]

I was vibrant and full of energy just a year prior.  Doctors couldn't figure out why my health was in sharp decline—especially because I was only 15 years old at the time, with no prior medical issues. Being raised birth on the village-style Mediterranean diet of my Greek heritage kept me healthy and strong. Many of my early memories involve food in some way – learning how to fish with my grandpa, the large village gatherings with roast chickens and lambs and

Gaining health through food will be a top priority for consumers in 2018. This will push for a new style of eating that delves into the entire food system, from raising animals ethically, to sustainability in our food supply. Plant-based continues to grow. In addition to its rise in 2017, plant-based foods are one to watch in 2018 as well, including proteins from plants that will be added to yogurts and milk.  "It's about time" were my thoughts while stumbling across Peter

I've been talking about the importance of exercise and gut health for quite a while now. When I first read a study back in 2010 on “Shinrin-yoku” (or forest-bathing), many questions I had about why I felt so good after a hike in nature or even a swim in the sea became clearer: I was breathing in organic compounds called phytoncides.  These essential oils released from plants in nature have been shown to increase the efficacy of our gut by helping fight

Every day the science community finds surprising new ways our gut microbiome— once considered the ‘forgotten organ’—contributes to our overall health. Mental well-being, fertility, heightened sports performance, fighting degenerative diseases, and now even our appearance—these are just a few of the areas in which a healthy microbiome can really make a positive difference in our lives. Scientists are now aiming to take the research a step further by seeking the catalyst to our very own fountain of youth, and they are looking

Call me brilliant — I’ve found a way to drink a couple glasses of wine and still feel great the following day. A handful of years ago, I tasted my first sip of a dry-farmed wine from the Mediterranean without even knowing anything about its growing methods. Not only was the taste a palate-pleaser, but the day to follow was even better: no hangover or bloated feeling — my tummy actually felt great — and I slept peacefully through the night. On

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