Stella Featured in the Digestive Health Summit with Dr. Michael Murray

A Free Online Event from September 9th – 17th!

I’m excited to take part in the Digestive Health Summit with Dr. Michael Murray, N.D.  The panel includes a list of 29 respected teachers who will bring you the most up-to-date research and information about healing the gut through food, nutrition, and natural supplements.

About the Digestive Health Summit

You want to make healthy choices to heal your gut. But there’s so much conflicting information from so many sources…

How do you know where to go for the truth or who to trust?

We understand your frustration. That’s why we created this Summit. You’ll get insights and information from the world’s top natural health experts. This is critical information that you won’t get from conventional doctors. But now, you can get all in one place—easily and conveniently.

Do you want to heal your gut naturally?

Join the world’s most respected visionaries, authors, and experts and RECLAIM YOUR HEALTH with the FOOD YOU EAT!

Here’s a direct link to the Digestive Health Summit!