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A Diet Across the Ages

Diet crazes come and go. But for a diet to be truly successful, it must become a way of life.

Clinical nutritionist Stella Metsovas, a food science practitioner studying human nutrition for over 15 years, developed her Paleo Mediterranean Diet with this in mind. With eight years of research under her belt, the Laguna Beach resident tailors her system to not only treat weight issues, digestive problems and symptoms of poor eating, but also as a diet for a lifetime.

Metsovas’s Paleo Mediterranean Diet stems from research into human DNA and utilizes the body’s natural digestive processes – our Paleolithic ancestors may have had it right all along. This is not to say we must completely go caveman, but eating as our pre-agricultural ancestors did may lead to significant health benefits, says Metsovas.

Metsovas took some time from research to talk about her diet, food and wellness.

How does your Paleo Mediterranean Diet work?
Optimal health begins in the gut. There is no quick fix or pill for a healthy, functioning gut. Paleo Mediterranean is backed by medically, peer-reviewed research in the following areas of study: evolutionary biology, nutrigenomics (study of nutrients and our DNA), metabolomics, epigenetics, and the principles of the most nutrient-rich ingredients known to mankind. The way our body digests a fat-free, processed cracker is far different than how you digest and break down an olive. The source of calories is the most important law of healthy eating.

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